Eurofound produces research, data and comparison on a wide range of social and work-related subject areas

Eurofound produces data, facts and analysis on an array of personal and work-related information. These details is largely relative, but also offers country-specific ideas each of 28 EU representative claims, including great britain prior to the detachment from eu on 31 January 2020. Most info is for sale in English however some is translated to improve access at nationwide degree.

Eurofound strives to bolster the continuous back link between unique perform and nationwide policy discussions and goals about total well being and work. More and more essential in this framework are EU’s policy priorities for a European Green Deal, an electronic future, an economy that actually works for individuals, providing and conditioning European democracy. To assist restore the commercial and personal damage triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic, the European fee, the European Parliament and EU leadership have likewise decided on a recovery strategy that lead how out from the situation and set the foundations for a modern and lasting Europe. The EU’s long-lasting spending plan, along with NextGenerationEU, the short-term instrument designed to increase the healing, is the prominent stimulus plan ever financed through the EU budget to aid reconstruct a post-COVID-19 Europe.

The European session produces a structure for your dexterity of financial plans over the EU. Permits user claims to discuss their own economic and resources systems and watch advancement at particular period all year round. For 2021, the European session is briefly adjusted to coordinate they making use of the recuperation and strength premises to handle the effect from the situation brought on by the pandemic. Within this, affiliate reports ought to upload nationwide reform courses and recuperation and strength tactics in one single incorporated document. These projects offer an overview of the reforms and expenditures that associate States will carry out good goals regarding the Facility.

2015 Eurofound EWCS review results in Slovakia: 27per cent of individuals don’t have the popularity they need with their work

Living and dealing in Slovakia and COVID-19

COVID-19 consistently has a powerful impact on people’s everyday lives across the globe, with big implications for standard of living and work. Eurofound has had a multipronged response to the pandemic, adapting the studies focus in lots of ways. A databases of national-level coverage reactions, COVID-19 EU PolicyWatch, collates home elevators steps taken by authorities and social lovers, together with organization techniques, seeking to cushion the effects associated with the crisis. Eurofound’s distinctive e-survey, live, operating and COVID-19, produces an insight into the influence with the pandemic on people’s lives across the EU, aided by the aim of helping policymakers to bring about the same healing from the problems. Three rounds regarding the survey happen performed currently: in April 2021 when most representative reports are in lockdown, in July 2020 whenever people and economies had been slowly reopening, and in March 2021 as region worked again with various levels of lockdown and vaccine rollout. The study investigates the impact on well being and culture, democracy and trust, functioning and teleworking, the finances and security of individuals, the standard of general public service, support actions and vaccinations during COVID-19. Conclusions for every single nation and a selection of data pages have become available.

Enjoy the data content by nation to find out more in the situation in Slovakia.

The nation page brings accessibility Eurofound’s most recent research facts and information, immediately associated with Slovakia:

  • Staying in Slovakia – country-level information through the European total well being review (EQLS)
  • Doing work lifetime in Slovakia – essential characteristic of operating lifetime across a range of parameters.

Research performed prior to the UK’s withdrawal through the European Union on 31 January 2020, and published subsequently, can include facts relating to the 28 EU associate claims. Following this date, research only considers the 27 EU Member says (EU28 without the UK), unless specified usually.



Power to select or changemethods of workData resource: 2015 EWCS review


Possiblity to accumulate overtimefor days offData provider: 2013 ECS research

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