Application Distribution Guidelines. This part relates to app functions

The good thing about their developers and users, Samsung makes sure the software (applications) see high requirements of quality.

Samsung, at their main discretion and minus the permission of any other activities, reserves the legal right to release, withhold book, and remove from book inside the Samsung Galaxy shop all programs (applications) submitted for publication and being printed. If an app meets all Samsung publishing plan demands, nonetheless don’t conform to the regional guidelines or traditions of a single or more publishing nations into the software registration, elitesingles visitors those countries can be removed from the app’s book. Even though the software is actually printed in Galaxy Store, if customers select app content or performance as objectionable to customers, to no longer conform to local laws of publication nations, or perhaps to no longer comply with Samsung book policy, Samsung can end application book.

All programs must meet with the demands in order to move book evaluation for software becoming for sale in Galaxy shop for get, and just have settled application and in-app product deals recognized.

1. Overall Performance

This area pertains to app procedures.

1.1 Usability

1.1.1 Software installations, publish, termination, and uninstallation must do well without problems.

1.1.2 Software features must not crash or bring functional troubles.

1.1.3 Apps must not consist of concealed functions.

1.1.4 Test or beta variation binaries must not be posted.

1.1.5 For software that want user login, login tips (like user ID and code) for a user profile to be used to test the application must be offered during app registration.

1.1.6 Applications should never feature malware or malware.

1.1.7 Apps mustn’t build icon shortcuts or bundles.

1.1.8 Programs mustn’t initiate or support automatic revisions.

1.1.9 Software should never affect the actions of more software.

1.1.10 Samsung in-app cost (IAP) is advised to market in-app services and products (such as for example things and subscriptions) to suit your protection and convenience.

1.2 Usability

1.2.1 Apps must be important, entertaining, special, or interesting.

1.2.2 Applications must certanly be distinctive in characteristics and layout. Several close apps mustn’t be published.

1.2.3 software cannot consist of an exorbitant number of advertising, internet clippings, internet site links, or clips that degrade an individual event.

1.2.4 App photos ought to be visible.

1.2.5 App text needs to be readable and not be truncated or distorted.

1.2.6 software screens must complete the device screen.

1.2.7 Paid apps cannot need unreasonably high costs.

1.2.8 programs that offer app download within the app aren’t let.

1.3 Metadata

Metadata means information on a software (including subject, classification, labels, screenshot and vendor label).

1.3.1 App metadata need to be suitable for customers of any age.

1.3.2 If software enrollment specifies several publication nations, app metadata must support English because the default language.

1.3.3 Application subscription examine pictures, screenshot graphics, and descriptions must correctly reveal and explain app efficiency.

1.3.4 If an app supplies in-app product expenditures or ads, this should be truthfully found and expressed into the app registration examine imagery, screenshot imagery, and descriptions.

1.3.5 App metadata cannot include unimportant, deceptive, or fake keywords and phrases.

1.3.6 Software enrollment must establish age rating and groups which happen to be befitting the app.

If application registration cannot specify all of them, Samsung changes all of them accordingly.

1.3.7 Metadata mustn’t advertise other app stores, or cellular platforms.

1.3.8 URLs should never result functional difficulties therefore the online sourced elements of URLs cannot contain articles that violates application circulation Tips Guide requirements (like, yet not restricted to, malware and inappropriate or no content material).

1.4 components being compatible

1.4.1 software should never render music in hushed mode.

1.4.2 Applications must not transform standard configurations with the consumer product.

1.4.3 Apps must not restart the user equipment.

1.4.4 Programs must not create problems for embedded unit properties (like, yet not simply for, Bluetooth, G-sensor, Wi-Fi, digital camera, label, Volume/Hold trick, Alarm, and SMS/MMS).

1.4.5 software must not cause problems for components and system occasions.

1.4.6 Apps should never freeze after individual device is rotated as soon as product accessories (like, although not limited by, earphones) are connected to or unplugged from the device.

1.4.7 applications must not take in exorbitant battery pack present, generate higher temperature, or fast empty the consumer unit battery.

2. App information and actions

This section relates to app product and behavior.

If application content material violates local laws or practices, Samsung may suspend application publishing or pull nations from software publication.

2.1 intimate content

2.1.1 Apps mustn’t aesthetically or audibly present or inspire overt sexual concepts or material (including, yet not limited to, explicit nudity, uncovered man or woman genitalia, pornography, pedophilia, bestiality, intimately explicit actions, and intimately effective poses).

2.1.2 Apps must not aesthetically or audibly current or inspire exploitative intimate attitude (like, however limited to, intimate abuse, intimate attack, and bestiality).

2.1.3 Apps cannot incorporate a solution to access sites which have a sexual emphasis (including, however simply for, mature buddy finder and matchmaking sites).

2.2 Assault