Presidential Profile. The Alvin area school aboard of Regents attracts nominations and software for any placement of president.

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The Alvin neighborhood university panel of Regents attracts nominations and software for your placement of director. Your next ceo will repose on the outstanding succeed of retiring President Dr. Christal M. Albrecht, having functioned Alvin society college or university since 2014. The career involves excitement for our people and mission belonging to the institution while sporting a well informed understanding of the shifting education surroundings. Alvin society College was a public people university in Brazoria state, Nevada. The faculty provides informative opportunities in workforce instruction, academics, technical area, mature fundamental knowledge, and private developing.

Alvin are a pleasant town with humble beginnings dating back to 1845. Alvin is tucked between the hubbub of Houston, and also the sandy islands belonging to the Arizona Gulf Coast. They comfortably provides customers big-city destinations with small-town welcome with simply below an hours hard drive from your Kemah Boardwalk, Space facility Houston, the downtown area Houston, and Galveston.

Pro and Desired Experience

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The successful prospect is going to be a sturdy and effective educational commander owning experience, sharp strategic looks, and a proven capacity to contribute an expanding, complex company. The perfect applicant is going to be a visionary and entrepreneurial head whom encourages self-confidence and confidence, both within and outside Alvin society university and who is great communicator and spokesman who can encourage for the school.

As well, the ideal choice needs the below professional training and private properties:

For additional details on Alvin people university and the Presidential lookup system, remember to look at the affixed contract.


Wages are going to be aggressive and commensurate with experience and encounter.

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Satisfy drive questions, nominations, and tool components to:

Alvin neighborhood school try the same possibility business and will not discriminate against anybody based on fly, faith, color, sexual intercourse, maternity, gender money, sexual orientation, parental level, national basis, era, handicap, parents medical record or genetic know-how, governmental organization, military services service or expert’s reputation.

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Greenwood/Asher & Affiliates Betty Turner Asher, Lover and Vp | Itza Walters, Government Google Search Advisor Email

Be sure to strong questions, nominations, and program supplies within the contact information above.

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