Keanu Reeves is dating a woman near to his or her own age. How come that so shocking?

Keanu Reeves’s new relationship with musician Alexandra give has sparked a debate over ageism.

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Alexandra Grant is dating Keanu Reeves. You’ve got escort girl Fairfield issue with this? Stefanie Keenan/Getty Graphics for LACMA

Keanu Reeves features a girlfriend, and our hearts are exploding with affection. And, since this really is 2019, so too is online debate about whom their gf is, just just how old she’s, and exactly just exactly what those details all mean.

Keanu’s general public persona is a bit uncommon for Hollywood: He’s regarded as a friendly, type, but really personal and remote star therefore famous for their solitude so it’s become a meme. However the age of “sad Keanu” and “lonely Keanu” is evidently no longer: within the week-end, after a couple weeks of burgeoning rumors about their love life, Reeves turned up at a skill gala in Los Angeles keeping fingers along with his longtime creative collaborator, Alexandra give.

The move prompted a flurry of discussion, nearly all of it centering from the secret woman’s identification (no, she’s maybe maybe not Helen Mirren, though lots of people noted a resemblance), and particularly her age. Since surprising as it had been to see the famously single Reeves showing up in public places with a night out together for the time that is first several years, Grant’s moving silver locks and normal look grabbed a lot more attention. Unlike other Hollywood guys their age, Reeves is dating a mature girl — a person who appears to be approximately within his a long time. Not just did this shocker perpetuate the public’s view of Reeves as a person that has rejected the libertine means of the typical A-list celeb, however it has stoked debate about why it is therefore unusual to see older male celebrities acting in age-appropriate means with regards to females.

Therefore, that is Alexandra Grant? According to the thing I gleaned from her CV, she appears types of awesome. She’s an award-winning musician understood for producing gorgeous term art installations and illustrating Reeves’ 2011 book Ode to joy, about escaping sadness and despair. She and Reeves co-founded an art-focused publishing press in 2017, and she additionally utilized her art to begin a charity.

In interviews, give claims such things as, “I would like to live such as for instance a ghost. I do want to be light in contact, but actually right here for the purpose that is specific. The ghost is me,” which is exactly the kind of thing you’d say if you were the kind of person who winds up dating John Wick in a way.

The pair has understood one another for decades and their relationship hasn’t been concealed. However it seems which they simply began dating this springtime, according to Grant’s social networking posts — only the did that is public catch on until recently. As delightful because it is to start to see the internet’s boyfriend Reeves keeping arms with some body at a general public occasion whom demonstrably cares for him, it may be tempting to wonder: exactly why are we therefore spent? Reeves’s popularity aside, this might be yet another celebrity relationship, right?

It depends. This 1 in particular is notable for a reasons that are few.

Age-appropriate Hollywood relationships are incredibly rare that they’ve become subjects of fascination and intrigue

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Vox has written before of Keanu’s relationship that is unique pop tradition and also to the general public, one according to their atmosphere of “kind look masking centuries of loneliness” that makes most of us feel an outsized investment in his delight. He’s notoriously suffered through tragedies over time; their individual life happens to be inextricably linked with exactly just exactly what he calls “grief and loss,” many of their fans are simply very happy to see him delighted.

We don’t know why I’m therefore delighted Keanu Reeves has a gf (who’s age appropriate no less). We don’t understand this guy actually. But just what took place to him sucks and he deserves some pleasure.

But give is getting equally as much attention, or even more, if you are age this woman is in terms of being in a relationship with Reeves. It appears that many individuals assumed at a look that the musician was more than Reeves, as a result of her silver-haired look into the viral pictures through the Los Angeles occasion. In fact, she’s 46 — almost 10 years more youthful than Reeves, that is 55. Their relationship viral that is going a good minute for us all to unpack a lot of integrated social assumptions at the same time.

Let’s begin with Grant’s grey locks. In fact, folks of all genders start going grey within their 30s and are also at the least half-gray because of the time they reach age 50. Yet stricter beauty criteria for ladies suggest that individuals generally assume a female with grey locks should be older — otherwise, wouldn’t she dye those lone gray strands? Cue people confusion that is registering Grant’s locks in accordance with her age — and subsequent backlash compared to that confusion.

“Keanu Reeves (55) is observed Alexandra that is dating Grant46)”

Me personally: oh wow, he is dating somebody?:sees pic::checks her age once again: