If at some point in the online there are no suitable opponents for you, it may happen that you come across the same opponent several times. It can also happen if you and your previous opponent pressed the New Race button at the same time. However, later the list of players will be updated and you will meet the next opponent. The transmission graph displays your gear ratios as the ratio between engine speed and vehicle speed.

  • This car race game for Android consists of all the official teams and tracks.
  • Immediately before a player will be a short training, where he learns the basics of car control.
  • This game is absolutely free to download from anywhere on the internet.
  • However, no data transmission over the Internet or wireless network can be guaranteed.
  • The more you win, the more points you get, and the higher your rating in the tournament.

Nitro Nation is a free-to-play android game that you can merely download from the Play Store and can play it on your smartphone. But still, there is trouble inside this game which is attractiveness. It’s the most advanced game and consists of legendary supercars that need lots of money to acquire. And it’s impossible to earn thousands of bucks in the game for purchasing the legendary cars. So for all such enthusiasts, today we’re here with the best car racing game on Google Play Store named Nitro Nation.

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Jul 1, Download Nitro Nation for PC – Use Andy OS to run any mobile app. With game currency and enjoy free delivery right at your virtual doorstep. The starting boost is slightly difficult to execute. Proper timing is required, as any tap of the gas will rev your speed. When “3” appears in the pre-race countdown, time your revs with the appearance of the numbers. If timed correctly, your last rev should be timed so that your tachometer’s needle is in the middle, which results in a perfect start.

Since the game is designed so that more people can get access to it at the same time, the fun factor actually goes up a notch. This means that you can play the game with your friends, family and colleagues who happen to live close by. The second thing that you should consider is the time that the game can be played. If you do not want to spend too much time in the game, then you should choose the time slot that best fits your schedule.

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